The VACFILLER 300 is designed for automatic filling of ampoules in large scale industrial volumes.

Fully automated, it ensures production quality and regularity to match the performance, productivity, and profitability goals of our customers.

Its simplicity of use, its studied ergonomics, and its throughput speed guarantee high quality production while limiting unproductive time.

With a standard stainless steel design, the VACFILLER 300 consists of three basic modules (filler + sealer + inspection) and fits perfectly into a complete ampoule packaging line.

Machines de remplissage d'ampoules VACFILLER 300
VACFILLER 300 capacity
Up to 300 crystallizing dishes per hour (measured on mains water)

VACFILLER 300 capacity

Up to 300 crystallizing dishes per hour (measured on mains water)

Customizable filling line

The VACFILLER 300’s three basic modules can be complemented with optional devices to build a filling line that matches the customer’s requirements.

Small footprint

Ergonomic and compact, the VACFILLER 300 machine can be easily integrated into all types of laboratory.

Compliant with BPF and FDA specifications

The whole of the VACFILLER range complies with BPF (French good practice in manufacturing) and FDA requirements for pharmaceutical industry products and dietary complements.

A bespoke, upgradable, automatic ampoule filling line !

The VACFILLER 300 consists of 3 basic machines for quick automatic filling. Along with the complementary modules, it can package ampoules from A to Z in record time.


The VACFILLER 300 filling machine provides fast-throughput, automatic filling with extreme accuracy. Ampoules can be loaded by gravity or from a motor-driven conveyor.

Seals all types of fine tipped ampoule. With a variable speed motorized conveyor and adjustable settings, it adapts to all throughput speeds and ampoule formats.

The complementary modules can be integrated with the  production line right from the outset or retrofitted as requirements change.

Les modules complémentaires peuvent être intégrés à la  ligne de production dès le départ ou ultérieurement, en fonction de l’évolution des besoins.

VACFILLER 300 - An automatic fine-tip ampoule filler with many advantages

Like the rest of the VACFILLER range, the VACFILLER 300 automatic filler offers users a whole range of benefits. Perfect control of the process and the consequent productivity gains mean a good return on investment.

The VACFILLER 300 machine fills ampoules with extreme accuracy, guaranteeing reliability and quality.

Ergonomic and intuitive, the VACFILLER 300 machine has a short learning curve thanks to its simplicity of use.

VACFILLER modules are standard design machines. Maintenance is therefore performed using commonly available parts.

By filling their ampoules in-house, laboratories maintain full control over the packaging chain, especially on quality and lead-time.

The VACFILLER 300 meets a well-defined requirement, ensuring perfect productivity, and accordingly a very short payback time.

Designed to fill ampoules quickly, reliably, and with a minimum of fuss !

With its simplicity of use and studied ergonomics, the VACFILLER 300 line fills ampoules reliably and quickly to guarantee excellent productivity. This machine can fill up to 50,000 x 10ml ampoules per running hour.


  • Quick, easy adjustments thanks to the index markings ;
  • Batch manually started by operator ;
  • Input feed from in-line gravity conveyor ;
  • Automatic loading and unloading ;
  • Crystallizing dishes processed two at a time ;
  • Fast changeover of format -> short preparation times ;
  • Rapid dismantling of vat tubes and accessories for cleaning ;
  • Automatic cleaning assistance cycle ;
  • Stainless-steel tank with quick removal for servicing, aseptic valves, clamped connections ;
  • Adaptable filling and cleaning programs configurable from the user interface ;
  • Modification and recording of cycle settings to optimize filling with oily, foaming, or other difficult substances ;
  • Addition/modification of recipe programs for various products ;
  • Troubleshooting assistance from the user interface ;
  • Liquid ring vacuum pump with non-recirculating water.


  • Closure by heat-sealing on the fly ;
  • Variable speed motorized conveyor ;
  • Flame lighting and extinguishing cycle controlled by PLC ;
  • Flame detection to guarantee operator safety ;
  • Horizontal safety screen made of “Securit” glass.


Installation prerequisites

  • 220V 50Hz 16A and/or 380V 50Hz 20A ;
  • Filtered compressed air at a constant 6 bar ;
  • Connection to water cleaning/evacuation system ;
  • Compressed air, propane, and oxygen ;
  • Cold water/hot water ;
  • Vacuum ;
  • Effluent discharge connection.

Optional extras

  • Development of custom programs for your specific products ;
  • Filling under nitrogen and nitrogen buffer tank ;
  • Free choice of automation brand ;
  • Liquid ring vacuum pump with partial water recirculation ;
  • Liquid ring vacuum pump with full water recirculation + chiller unit for almost zero water consumption ;
  • Input feed by dual-track, motorized conveyor set at 90° ;
  • Pallet-to-conveyor crystallizing dish loading robot.

Schéma avec côtes

VACFILLER 300: Excellence in the automatic filling of ampoules in the laboratory !

The VACFILLER 300 ampoule filler is designed to fulfil the requirements of laboratories performing analysis, calibration, or sampling in large-scale industrial volumes.

VACFILLER machines de remplissage d'ampoules à pointe pour laboratoire

The VACFILLER 300 machine packages liquids in ampoules made of glass or plastic such as double-tipped ampoules, ampoule bottles, or Flackpull membrane ampoules.

to 1 from 20 ml
ampoules 2 pointes

Double-tipped ampoules

ampoules bouteilles

Flackpull membrane ampoules

Ampoules operculées Flackpull

Ampoule bottles