VACFILLER ampoule fillers

VACFILLER fillers are a completely reliable system for packaging liquids in snap-off ampoules. The range comprises 4 filling machines and 6 complementary modules for meeting every user’s requirements in a bespoke, upgradable filling line.

VACFILLER filling machines are designed, built, and marketed exclusively by Normandy-based company DEREMAUX Sarl.

You can therefore be sure they benefit from all the know-how and experience of a firm that has specialized in mechanical equipment for industry for over 70 years.

Machines de remplissage d'ampoules VACFILLER 300

Label Deremaux ?

Customizable filling line

With four filler models and a wide range of complementary modules, each production line is precisely matched to the customer’s specific needs.

Small footprint

Ergonomic and compact, VACFILLER machines can easily be integrated into all types of laboratory.

Compliant with BPF and FDA specifications

The whole of the VACFILLER range complies with BPF (French good practice in manufacturing) and FDA requirements for pharmaceutical industry products and dietary complements.

Reliability & Quality
VACFILLER machines fill ampoules with extreme accuracy, guaranteeing reliability and quality.
Simple to use
Ergonomic and intuitive, VACFILLER machines have a short learning curve thanks to their simplicity of use.
Bespoke production line
With four filler models and a wide range of complementary modules, each production line is precisely matched to the customer’s specific needs.
Internal packaging capability
Each model meets a well-defined requirement, ensuring perfect productivity, and accordingly a very short payback time.
Productivité et rentabilité
Chaque modèle répond à un besoin précis et assure une parfaite productivité. Ainsi le retour sur investissement est très rapide.
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Premium grade fillers for industries that package products in ampoules...

VACFILLER filling machines are a perfect fit to the needs of companies whose activities include analysis, calibration, or sampling, for which they must package high added-value liquids in fine-tipped ampoules. They have their place in all types of laboratory.





The VACFILLER range will fill your ampoules with total reliability !

VACFILLER machines can fill both glass and plastic ampoules from 1ml to 20ml as well as double-tipped ampoules, ampoule bottles, and Flackpull membrane phials.

from 1 to 20 ml

Double-tipped ampoules

ampoules 2 pointes

Flackpull membrane ampoules

ampoules bouteilles

Ampoule bottles

Ampoules operculées Flackpull

Four models of ampoule filler to meet every requirement

The VACFILLER range of liquid fillers comes in four models to ensure each requirement is met in terms of volume and throughput speed.


Remplisseuse d'ampoules VACFILLER 10 de Deremaux Sarl

Manual bench-top machine

Placed on a lab bench for filling very small batches of ampoules.


Machines de remplissage d'ampoules VACFILLER 100


Suitable for filling modest numbers of ampoules.


Remplisseuse d'ampoules VACFILLER 200 de Deremaux Sarl

Semi-automatic machine

For filling typical industrial volumes of ampoules.


Machines de remplissage d'ampoules VACFILLER 300


For filling large industrial volumes of ampoules.

A complete, modular line for filling ampoules !

VACFILLER ampoule fillers are designed to provide a a quality filling operation from A to Z in the packaging chain. Customization for a close fit to usage needs, along with the simplicity and speed of the various modules, ensures a quick return on investment.

A complete filling line consists of up to 7 modules. The basic components are the filling module itself, in a choice of four versions, together with the sealer. Depending on the model, other machines are included in the basic line or  available as complementary modules.