To provide the closest possible match to a users’ expectations, the Filling line VACFILLER is fully modular and upgradable. Each project can thus be customized on the basis of a full specification. Modules can be added over time depending on changes in production requirements.

Ligne de remplissage d'ampoules

VACFILLER 300 complete filling line

Customizable filling line

With four filler models and a wide range of complementary modules, each production line is precisely matched to the customer’s specific needs.

Small footprint

Ergonomic and compact, VACFILLER machines can easily be integrated into all types of laboratory.

Compliant with BPF and FDA specifications

The whole of the VACFILLER range complies with BPF (French good practice in manufacturing) and FDA requirements for pharmaceutical industry products and dietary complements.

A made-to-measure ampoule filling line !

The VACFILLER range comprises four fine-tipped ampoule fillers to meet every need in terms of throughput speed and packaging volume.

All the filler models [ VACFILLER 10VACFILLER 100VACFILLER 200VACFILLER 300 ] feature a built in sealing machine . We strongly advise including an Inspection module in the basic set.

Other complementary modules are available to choose according to needs.

A bespoke, upgradable production line with many advantages

The VACFILLER range can package ampoules from A to Z in record times. There are many advantages in all of the machines, not the least of which is a quick return on investment.

VACFILLER machines fill ampoules with extreme accuracy, guaranteeing reliability and quality.

Ergonomic and intuitive, VACFILLER machines have a short learning curve thanks to their simplicity of use.

VACFILLER modules are standard design machines. Maintenance is therefore performed using commonly available parts.

By filling their ampoules in-house, laboratories maintain full control over the packaging chain, especially on quality and lead-time.

Each model meets a well-defined requirement, ensuring perfect productivity, and accordingly a very short payback time.

Machines de remplissage d'ampoules VACFILLER 300

Excellence in the filling of fine-tipped ampoules in the laboratory !

VACFILLER ampoule fillers are designed to fulfil the requirements of laboratories performing analysis, calibration, or sampling.

VACFILLER machines de remplissage d'ampoules à pointe pour laboratoire

VACFILLER machines package liquids in ampoules made of glass or plastic, such as double-tipped ampoules, ampoule bottles, and Flackpull membrane ampoules.

from 1 to 20 ml
ampoules 2 pointes

Double-tipped ampoules

ampoules bouteilles

Flackpull membrane ampoules

Ampoules operculées Flackpull

Ampoule bottles